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Prayers for the Pandemic Banner, relief prints on cotton with felt backing and cotton thread, 24" x 9', 2020

Lifelong Customer, serigraph on Stonehenge with die cut, 8" x 10", 2020

What Remains I, 28 laser cut hand altered relief monoprints on Stonehenge, 40" x 44", 2021

animated gif of What Remains I

Small Systems of Control, two color serigraph, vinyl sticker, 8" x 8", 2021

This is Where I Lost My Head, three-color serigraph, 21" x 14", 2021

Disability Passport, UV and glow serigraph on Stonehenge, inkjet on silver stardust Southworth paper, thread, vinyl, foil transfer, 5" x 3.5", 2021

Sick Coat, thrifted men's coat, thread, vinyl, netting, notions, buttons, studs, 24" x 18" x 10", 2022

Shed, relief on cotton, netting with beads and thread, serigraph on physical therapy bands cut up, 36" x 18" x10"

Activation/Performance of Shed Mask

Damage Control, serigraph on physical therapy bands, thread,15" x 20" x 12", 2022

Damage Control Performance

Anxiety Suit, serigraph on cotton, polyester, polyfill, faux pearls, thread, 48" x 36" x 20", 2022

Never Better, blue men's vest coat, thread, pearl buttons, vinyl, paracord, 30" x 22" x 10", 2022

Growth, thrifted men's coat, thread, vinyl, leather, gold plastic spikes, mask, 36" x 24" x 20", 2023

Growth Detail after Wearing

Rites of Passage: Microaggression, serigraph on Stonehenge, Sharpie marker, pins, 41" x 124" x .5", 2023

Passive Aggressive Note, two color serigraph, 5" x 7", 2023

Infamy I, collagraph and two color serigraph, 19" x 12.5", 2023

Red Flag Series: The Root and Worst Offenders, archival inkjet print, 36" x 25", 2023

Own It Series: Double Standards, archival inkjet print, 25" x 25", 2023

Own It Series: Inappropriate and Problematic, archival inkjet print, 25" x 25", 2023

Fulguration, lithograph on Stonehenge with Japanese paper chine colle, 20"x 14", 2023

Red Flag (after Stańczyk by Jan Matejko), red cotton, polyester, rayon, and canvas, thread, snaps, netting, 66" x 36" x 24", 2024

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