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This podcast began from a place of frustration, an irritation at hitting up against a wall that did not mean to exclude, but did so by way of its rigidity and institutional self-preservation. These rules, and the complexities of living through a pandemic in lockdown, ultimately led to a presenter not being able to attend without financial support from their school. I had managed to argue my way into keeping this person on my panel, but then couldn't physically get them to the conference. Determined to give them a platform and a chance to share their story, I created a podcast focused on access and creating your own solutions. I named it DIY Access and began by interviewing my lost panelist. The idea kept going, and I invited people to speak about novel solutions they had created to overcome long-standing issues of access in work places, schools, and in their own homes and lives. As I worked on the show, the idea of access began to expand to include wider scopes, such as financial and professional access. The show is currently on pause as I finish my MFA, but I plan on continuing with recordings after I graduate. If you are interested in being on the show or know someone who might be, do not hesitate to reach out!

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