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Uncomfortable Print Exchange

Year One: Moist Print Exchange and Little Packages Virtual Exhibition


2020 has definitely been an interesting year. Many of us have had to adapt to new ways of doing things, and that paradigm shift effects the art world as much as it does any other aspect of our lives. A former student of mine, Mira Rector, helped to try and recapture some of what was lost through a print exchange with my former students. It was a way of continuing community and artistic exchange even while apart. During the lockdown I had the distinct honor of being put in touch with Sharon Thomas, an artist from Glasgow, Scotland, through a local gallery owner Michael Ponce. Mira had contacted him about having our print show at his gallery, and he suggested we think about doing something collaborative with Sharon. Several Zoom conversations later, the exchange turned into a collaborative project between the two cities. The Moist Print Exchange will send one of its sets off to Glasgow and Sharon's work will be sent here to Las Cruces. After the opening date for the gallery online on the 20th of December, 2020, both locations will place the other city's artwork in situ in the other location. The idea is that even if we can't travel, our artwork still can. 

littlepackages copy.jpg

Year Two: Sticky Print Exchange and show at Art Obscura

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